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History and curiosities of the Primitiva

History and curiosities of the Primitiva

The Primitiva lottery has a long history of more than two centuries. It is the first game of chance to be established in Spain and its long history is full of anecdotes and curiosities. Before its current name, it was known by other names, but always with the same popularity.

Dates and facts about the Primitiva

In 1763, during the reign of Charles III, this lottery was created with the aim of strengthening the State's coffers without the need to increase taxes. By then it was known as Lotería por Números or Lotería Real. It was in 1812 when the Primitiva was renamed Lotería Moderna, with numbers printed on banknotes.

Since then it began to be called Lotería Primitiva with a great popularity, until in 1862 it ceased to be held. More than a hundred years later, in 1985, the draw was re-established with the same support and preference of the betting public.

On 17 October 1985, the first draw was held in this new phase, which is still continuing. In the 37 years of its current history, it has undergone several modifications, including the most recent, in 2012, when the new "special category" was included. This consists of matching the number of the reintegro plus the six of the winning combination.

Anecdotes and curiosities about La Primitiva

It is common to all games that, apart from the excitement of playing and the desire of each player to win when buying Bonoloto online, there is a lot to tell, as is the case of the history of La Primitiva over its more than two hundred years, albeit with a period of interruption.

From this inexhaustible flow and in full swing, some curiosities and anecdotes are often recalled which give it more appreciation and favour with the general public:

  • In the first draw of 1985, the winner of the jackpot was unable to collect the 62 million pesetas he was entitled to. It turned out that his combination was not validated correctly.
  • It was not until November 1985 that there were first prize winners, among whom 66 million pesetas were distributed.
  • The highest prize for a winner is 101 million euros on 15 October 2015.
  • In 2012 a substantial modification of the rules of the Primitiva was carried out by incorporating the special category. This is the result of the winning combination and the number of the draw.
  • There are many bettors who play the same combination for years in the hope that one day when playing Primitiva online it will be the only one to win the prize in the first category.

These are, among many others that happen or arise every year, the curiosities of the Primitiva, the oldest and most popular lottery in Spain.

The one with the best odds

Although the amount of the prize will not be as high in all cases, as is the case with the Quiniela prizes. However, with this lottery you don't lose everything and you win something. With only six numbers between 1 and 49 to be matched, the Primitiva is the one that gives the player the best chances of winning at least one of the winning combinations.




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