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Are online and physical lottery tickets equally valid?

Are online and physical lottery tickets equally valid?

Lottery games in Spain have a centuries-old tradition. In some cases, they are more than 200 years offering people to change the course of their lives with a stroke of luck. 

Nowadays, thanks to the use of computers and the daily use of online services, the lottery has also adapted to these circumstances. So much so that today it is possible to play any Loterías y Apuestas del Estado game from a PC and even from a cell phone with maximum security.

From real to virtual

Digital services offer two main advantages: convenience and immediacy. 

That is why more and more people prefer to use our services to buy their favorite games, such as the weekly bonoloto or the smart system pool. They can enjoy different weekly and special draws of their favorite lotteries. In fact, in a matter of seconds it is possible to have the favorite number already reserved.

In terms of convenience, this is possible thanks to the fact that from any computer or mobile device you can access the different services. You will be able to place your bets, buy tickets, follow the draws and know very quickly the results of the jackpot of the primitiva or the results of the quiniela.

If the offer of buying a lottery ticket online seems attractive to you, but you have some doubts about its validity, we will try to clear your doubts about it.

Validity of digital tickets

If you have asked yourself the question about whether the validity of an online and a physical ticket is the same, the answer is completely affirmative. 

Yes, a lottery ticket has the same validity no matter where you bought it. The fact that it originates from the online sales system makes no difference. The lottery ticket purchased on the Internet corresponds to a real, physical ticket that the supplier reserves in your name. 

When you buy it online, you will receive an email that serves as proof of purchase. In the email received you can check the certification made by the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre. The printing of this email supports the validity of the tenth online as if it were a physical tenth.

Buying online safely

If you are going to make your bets and purchases of lottery tickets on a daily basis, it is important that you take into account some security details. This way, you will be able to buy legitimate lottery tickets, valid for the draw and that your visit to the site does not put sensitive information at risk.

Check that you are entering a secure page and that it corresponds to the real address of a lottery administration. A web address is secure when it has a padlock or key in the browser bar and the address must begin with "https//www...". 

The e-mails issued by the sales system must have the certificate of the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.

If with all this you still have doubts, you can make a check by checking our address and phone number. We are just a phone call away to corroborate any doubt or offer you the information you need.


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